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Polyxeni Apostolidou

MA Special Educational Needs

Photo of Polyxeni  Apostolidou

My experience

I am 27 years old. Back in Greece, I finished my bachelor degree in history and I am also a Spanish teacher.

I applied for this specific course for vocational reasons and I chose the University because my tutor in Greece recommended it to me.

Before I started the course, I was not passionate about this area, but now, after eleven months, I feel that I have found my field of work: trying to change practices and perceptions, and making a positive contribution for children with SEN. 

I found the seminars and the interaction with the tutors and colleagues to be the most interesting and enjoyable part of the programme.

In general, I have been really pleased with the University and School of Education facilities. The School of Education has been really supportive; I am pleased with the help I received. I have to give a big thanks to everybody for being so caring and helpful towards all international students.

In terms of my career, I now have so many options that I don’t quite know what I’ll do yet!

Outside of study

There are a variety of clubs and societies that everybody can participate in here at Leeds. Also, the Leeds Students' Union organises regular trips all across England! There is also always volunteer work that you can participate in.

Since I am not from Britain, I quite like getting to know new people and places outside of my study. As for the city, I wouldn’t prefer anywhere else Leeds is amazing and full of opportunities.

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