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Richard Hartley

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About me

I qualified as a dentist in 1991 and worked in general practice until 2006 when I sold my practice and started teaching at Leeds Dental Institute (LDI).

I still work three days a week at the university and now work at dental protection, an indemnity organisation, the rest of the week as an associate dento-legal advisor.

My motivation to study

I was required to gain a teaching qualification as part of my role at LDI.

Rather than doing the broad spectrum course I applied to do the specific medical education course as it has an excellent reputation and seemed to fit my role better. As I was working in Leeds it was also convenient to do the course locally.

I was working at the same time as doing my course, rather than enjoying the full student experience! Having said that, it was enjoyable to meet the other students on the study days and I have kept in touch with a number of them.

The programme

I thought that the course was excellent, really appropriate to my teaching role at the LDI.

The staff and the organisation are excellent and more importantly, the course was extremely enjoyable.

The study days are well designed to encourage inclusivity and participation and it was really nice to be able to interact with peers from other medical professions.

I obviously enjoyed the course as i wanted to carry on after the certificate to do the masters degree and was lucky enough to be accepted.

Student Support

The help and guidance provided in the school is excellent. Having not done any real formal study for a number of years the help and encouragement from the staff was invaluable. It was also really useful to have the observed teaching sessions – although nerve-wracking the feedback from the sessions was valuable and very useful to put into practice.

Since graduation

Since graduating I have been promoted to a more independent role at the LDI with responsibility for teaching at one of our outreach clinics.

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