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Tara Siddartha

MA Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Teacher Education)

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About me

I work for the British Council in Burma as a teacher of English. I have over ten years of teaching experience as well as three years experience of training ELT teachers. I am studying here at the University of Leeds as one of the Hornby Scholars.

My motivation to study

My motivation to apply to Leeds was due to the course, specifically the ‘Teacher Education’ and ‘Language Teacher Learning’.

I believe helping teachers develop their knowledge and skills is one of the best ways to lay a good foundation for our future generations to build a better world. The programme is challenging, but it is helping me figure out my potential and my ability to make it through.

My experience

I love the ‘Teacher Education’ and the ‘TESOL Curriculum and TESOL Change” modules. They are very practical in a way of making me reflect on my practice and guide me the right way to go further.

In terms of the learning facilities in the School ad University, everything is fantastic; the libraries, the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), the TESOL resource room and the Edge (sports centre).

I have also enjoyed trips organised by the university. Although there are more than 100 different activities students can try, I choose only one - which is going to gym! Outside of studying, I also like sightseeing and window shopping. Leeds is a wonderful city.

After graduation

Once I have finished my course, I am going back to my country and start making changes to our TOT team and teacher training courses. I would like to start mobile training around the country.

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