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Tianyi Hu

MA Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages | 2014

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About me 

My name is Tianyi Hu and I am from Beijing, China. I majored in English Language and Literature and minored in Chinese Calligraphy at the Capital Normal University. I studied MA TESOL Studies at the University of Leeds. Since I graduating from Leeds and I came back to Beijing, and I have been working as an ESL teacher in a language institution.  

Why I chose to study at Leeds

Since high school I always wanted to be an English teacher. As a student I majored in English, and was well aware of the importance of culture to language study. I knew that the best way to learn is to actually interact with the target society - thus, I decided to study abroad in the UK. I chose Leeds because Leeds is not only one of the top universities in the UK, but it also provides the best facilities. I fell in love with Leeds when I used Google Maps to view the University and the city itself.  Another reason for me to choose Leeds is its location, I can travel anywhere around the UK conveniently. 

Studying in Leeds

My experience at the University of Leeds was marvellous, and I have to say choosing to study in Leeds is the best choice I have ever made. I made friends from all over the world and it is something that I never could have done if I hadn't studied abroad. I lived with a group of local students in university accommodation, with whom I developed life-long friendship with. It’s also hard to forget the part-time jobs I did. Working in the UK was completely different from working in China, and I am grateful for everything I learnt in the work place. 

My course

The course allowed us to choose modules according to our academic interests and future development. I am now working as an ESL teacher which provides me with the opportunity to directly practice the skills and knowledge I acquired via my degree programme. All the teachers were really helpful, and they gave me great support with my academic studies. Whenever I had questions, either academically or non-academically, I could seek help from my tutor and the student support officer, who were always there to provide help and advice. 

University facilities

As a former subwarden of one of the university accommodations and a former accommodation assistant working for several sites, I would highly recommend the university accommodations. Each hall has its own speciality - you can always find the one that suits you the most. I’d say the experience living in a university hall is unforgettable. Also, the Edge, the fitness club in the university, was the university facility I used most frequently. I went swimming everyday - I certainly enjoyed the fabulous swimming pool. 

Post graduation 

I have been working as an ESL teacher in a language school in Beijing since graduating, which is providing me with the opportunity to directly practice the skills and knowledge I acquired via my degree programme. I am considering of going back to Leeds and do a PHD in the future. 

I’ve found everything I learned in the program is useful and really helping me with my career. However, I know for sure that Leeds has not just helped me academically but also non-academically. During the time in Leeds, my skills including communicating skills, multitask skills and ability to work with people from various backgrounds were improved.

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