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MA Special Educational Needs is a one year full-time, or two years part-time, programme for teachers and associated professionals that wish to deepen their understanding of effective educational practice for pupils with special educational needs.

Our programme is suitable for both UK-based and international students, and considers both UK and international policy contexts.

MA Special Educational Needs considers the principles, policies and practices in the inclusive education of learners with special educational needs (SEN), and draws upon current legislation, governmental and inspection reports, and both national and international research evidence.

The programme addresses special educational needs for a wide range of age groups, and covers issues such as policy, legislation, assessment and intervention, inter-agency working, partnerships with parents, and pupil participation.

You will have the opportunity to develop specialist knowledge of current concepts, information and techniques related to special educational needs, and will analyse and evaluate the evidence behind effective strategies for teaching and learning.

PGCert in Provision for Children with Developmental Disorders

If you are looking for a one year, part-time, evening programme in Special Educational Needs, you may be interested in our PGCert in Provision for Children with Developmental Disorders. This programme gives you the opportunity to study the Developmental Disorder modules in the MA Special Educational Needs programme, and you can always transfer your credits forward to MA Special Educational Needs should you decide to pursue a masters level programme once you have completed the PGCert.


Year 1

Compulsory modules

Critical Study allows you to design and undertake a small-scale research project related to your own interests in the field of education.

Optional modules

You also choose one of the following modules

  • Special Educational Needs: Principles and Practice
  • Special Educational Needs: International Perspectives

You then take three of the following modules. (Please note, we cannot guarantee that all modules will be available.)

  • Directed Study in Education 1
  • The Context of Deaf Education
  • Co-ordinating Inclusive Provision II
  • Developmental Disorders I: Dyslexia and Developmental Coordination Disorder
  • Developmental Disorders II: Attention Deficit Disorder and Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • Teaching Children with Learning Difficulties
  • Developmental Disorders in the Early Years
  • Teaching Children with Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties
  • Special Needs Coordination 2a
  • Special Needs Coordination 2b

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