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The Language Education Academic Group at the School of Education is nationally and internationally recognised for its range of teaching, research, knowledge transfer and consultancy work in TESOL, ELT, EFL, ESOL, EAL, Modern Foreign Languages, and Applied Linguistics.

We lead and contribute to BA, MA, PGCE, EdD and PhD programs. We provide high quality teaching and supervision, leading towards internationally recognised and prestigious qualifications, in a friendly and supportive environment.

We conduct our research through our specialist research centre.

We are one of the largest academic groups for Language Education in the UK. As education practitioners, we have a wide range of experience of teaching and teacher education work in many contexts in the UK and around the world, and as researchers, we have a broad range of expertise across the discipline.


The School of Education provides a stimulating, friendly and nurturing environment for doctoral students.

Within the School, the Language Education Academic Group provides excellent doctoral supervision in the wide range of areas covered by the team’s expertise.

Our research students benefit from regular meetings with two supervisors and receive further support for their work through a programme of seminars and workshops.

All doctoral students are also given research methods training and have the opportunity to talk about their own research at our annual research students’ conference.

Overall, through these activities we seek to enable research students to excel and to be an integral part of the Language Education team at Leeds.

Current Research Students

What kind of work do our research students do? You can see for yourself.

MA programmes

BA programmes

Dr. Mohammad Javad Ahmadian
Lecturer in TESOL, Programme Leader for MA TESOL and BA English, Language and Education
Email: M.J.Ahmadian@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Richard Badger
Senior Lecturer in Education
Tel: 0113 3434644
Email: r.g.badger@education.leeds.ac.uk

Professor Mike Baynham
Professor of TESOL
Tel: 0113 3434481
Email: M.Baynham@education.leeds.ac.uk

Professor Simon Borg
Visiting Professor of TESOL
Email: s.borg@education.leeds.ac.uk

Dr Gary Chambers
Associate Professor in TESOL
Tel: 0113 3434536
Email: G.N.Chambers@education.leeds.ac.uk

Dr Jean Conteh
Senior Lecturer in Primary Education
Tel: 0113 3437958
Email: J.Conteh@leeds.ac.uk

Professor Alice Deignan
Professor of Applied Linguistics
Tel: 0113 3434920
Email: a.h.deignan@education.leeds.ac.uk

Dr Simon Green
Lecturer in TESOL
Tel: 0113 34 34537
Email: S.J.M.Green@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Judith Hanks
Associate Professor in Language Education
Tel: 0113 3430524
Email: J.I.Hanks@education.leeds.ac.uk

Dr Lou Harvey
Lecturer in Language Education
Tel: 0113 343 9114
Email: L.T.Harvey@leeds.ac.uk

Dr. Amanda Howard
Teaching Fellow (TESOL)
Tel: 0113 343 4526
Email: a.j.howard@education.leeds.ac.uk

Dr Martin Lamb
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 0113 3434620
Email: m.v.lamb@education.leeds.ac.uk

Dr Robbie Love
Research Fellow in Applied and Corpus Linguistics
Tel: 0113 3434539
Email: r.love@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Diana Mazgutova
Lecturer in Language Education
Tel: 0113 343 3865
Email: d.mazgutova@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Penelope Robinson
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 0113 3434526
Email: p.j.robinson@education.leeds.ac.uk

Dr James Simpson
Senior Lecturer in Language Education; Academic Group Leader, Language Education Academic Group
Tel: 0113 3434687
Email: j.e.b.simpson@education.leeds.ac.uk

Professor Ruth Swanwick
Professor in Deaf Education and Director of Research and Innovation for the School of Education
Tel: 0113 3434582
Email: r.a.swanwick@education.leeds.ac.uk

Dr Martin Wedell
Senior Lecturer in TESOL - Head of International Education
Tel: 0113 3434531
Email: M.Wedell@education.leeds.ac.uk

Dr Huahui Zhao
Lecturer in Language Education
Tel: 0113 343 5593
Email: h.zhao1@leeds.ac.uk

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