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EAL additional experience pilot

September 2010 - July 2011

A pilot project for 30 students (15 primary, 15 secondary) the primary element led by Leeds and the secondary element led by the Institute of Education, part of a much larger programme of work, focusing on developing a workforce strategy for all professionals involved with children defined as learning ‘English as an additional language’.

The term ‘EAL’ is used to cover a wide range of learners, with very diverse strengths and needs. The two broad aims of this pilot project are ...

  • To identify the professional knowledge about ‘EAL learners’ needed by all teachers as they begin their careers
  • To work with a small group of ITE students to develop their professional knowledge as NQTs.

This project contributed to theoretical understandings of the issues entailed and also to policy development. It supported the strategic development of ITE and the establishment of a research base for ITE at Leeds.

Project Publications

Conteh, J. (2012) Teaching bilingual and EAL learners in primary schools, Learning Matters/Sage.

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