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About us

The Teaching and Learning Academic Group conduct research across four interrelated themes.

  • Student learning
  • Teacher education
  • Educational change
  • Digital learning

We focus our research into three specialist centres.

Centre for Research in Digital Learning (CDL)

This is a new interdiciplinary centre which focuses on digital learning and innovation in education. It aims to inform and make a key impact on educational practice and policy in the UK and internationally.

Centre for Policy Studies in Education (CPSE)

We regularly host events with speakers from other universities, research councils, charities and governmental agencies in the UK and overseas.

Centre for Studies in Science and Mathematics Education (CSSME)

CSSME research centre was established in 1971 and addresses the issues around raising attainment and engagement in science and mathematics education. The centre is part of the national and regional network of Science Learning Centres for England, through the White Rose Consortium, and has strong links with local schools.

Our research

Centre for Digital Learning (CDL)

The Centre for Digital Learning is new interdisciplinary hub focused on digital learning and innovation in education. It aims to make a key impact on educational practice and policy in the UK and internationally. The Centre is lead by Professor Neil Morris who also heads the University's Digital Learning Team who produce online learning resources through Youtube, iTunesU and more.

Centre for Policy Studies in Education (CPSE)

CPSE aims to:

  • Advance the study of education policy
  • Explore the relationship between policy, research and practice
  • Contribute to knowledge and understanding about policy and policy making
  • Link education policy research with a wide range of research users

CPSE is committed to making policy research and study accessible and inclusive. It brings together researchers in education, social scientists, policymakers and practitioners engaged in interpreting, evaluating and influencing the development of education policies.

Centre for Studies in Science and Mathematics Education (CSSME)

We are a leading international centre for the promotion of research, teaching, and scholarship in science and mathematics education. Research within CSSME addresses issues around attainment and engagement by focusing on classroom-based learning and teaching, and evidence-informed design and evaluation of learning and teaching sequences. Researchers within CSSME also have an international reputation for examing the interface of policy and practice.

Our research impact includes ...

  • developing national strategies for science teaching with the Department for Children, School and Families
  • working with the BBC to produce 'Science Clips' to support primary science
  • developing Curriculum Policy
  • teacher professional development
  • mathematical and scientific literacy
  • editing of the interntional journal Studies in Science Education.

PhD Supervision

Academic staff from the group can supervise your doctoral studies.

Current Research Students

What kind of work do our research students do? You can see for yourself.

Taught Postgraduate Programmes

Our research informs the teaching for our wide range of taught postgraduate programmes.

PGCE programmes 

We work in partnership with Red Kite to provide SCITT PGCE training at Primary and Secondary level. 

Dr Indira Banner
Lecturer in Science Education
Tel: 0113 3434637
Email: i.banner@education.leeds.ac.uk

Mrs Helen Bradbury
Senior Lecturer in Clinical Education
Tel: 0113 3435852
Email: h.m.bradbury@leeds.ac.uk

Mr Graham Chambers
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 0113 3433577
Email: g.chambers@education.leeds.ac.uk

Dr Matt Homer
Associate Professor in Quantitative Methods and Assessment
Tel: 0113 3434654
Email: M.S.Homer@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Michael Inglis
Lecturer in Science Education
Tel: 0113 3434674
Email: m.inglis@leeds.ac.uk

Mrs Rosemary J Livesey
Lecturer in Primary Mathematics Education
Tel: 0113 3434573
Email: R.J.Livesey@leeds.ac.uk

Dr. Rachel Mathieson
Tel: 0113 34 35154
Email: R.Mathieson1@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Maggie McPherson
Visiting Fellow
Tel: 0113 3434631
Email: M.McPherson@leeds.ac.uk

Emeritus Professor John Monaghan
Emeritus Professor of Mathematics Education
Tel: 0113 3434603
Email: J.D.Monaghan@education.leeds.ac.uk

Professor Neil Morris
Chair of Educational Technology, Innovation and Change
Tel: 0113 343 7014
Email: N.P.Morris@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Rebecca O'Rourke
Senior Teaching Fellow
Tel: 0113 3433181
Email: r.k.o'rourke@leeds.ac.uk

Professor Mark Pike PhD
Professor of Education
Tel: 0113 343 4606
Email: M.Pike@education.leeds.ac.uk

Dr Emma Rempe-Gillen
Lecturer in Mathematics Education
Tel: 0113 343 0517
Email: E.RempeGillen@leeds.ac.uk

Jim Ryder
Professor of Science Education
Email: J.Ryder@education.leeds.ac.uk

Dr Bronwen J Swinnerton
Research Fellow in Digital Learning
Tel: 0113 343 7837
Email: b.j.swinnerton@leeds.ac.uk

Mr Innocent Tasara
Lecturer in Mathematics Education
Tel: 0113 34 34622
Email: i.tasara@leeds.ac.uk

Ms Lucy Taylor
Teaching fellow, Primary English
Tel: 0113 3434538
Email: l.taylor@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Aisha Walker
Associate Professor in Technology, Education and Learning
Tel: 0113 3434633
Email: S.A.Walker@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Michael Wilson
Programme Leader for International Educational Management
Tel: 0113 3434580
Email: m.d.wilson@education.leeds.ac.uk

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