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What can I teach?


"As a Primary school teacher you get to influence the early stages of a child’s learning. Working with a class for a whole year allows you to see the children’s personalities and academic abilities develop. Teaching all the national curriculum subjects is a challenge but does allow you to be creative in designing lessons that engage and motivate children."

Primary Tutor


"Teaching in a Secondary School is a stimulating intellectual challenge. You develop your own subject knowledge as you begin to think about topics from a learner’s point of view – what they might grasp easily and what they might find more difficult. All young people deserve to succeed in their education. As a Secondary Teacher, you are a role model to young people as they find their place in the world, and you play a role in influencing a fair and equal society."

Secondary Biology Tutor

Which subject?

Your teaching career will be determined by the qualifications you currently hold. At Primary level, you can teach with a degree in any subject, as long as you meet the standard entry requirements detailed below. To teach at Secondary level, you need to have secure knowledge of the subject that you wish to teach. This will be demonstrated through your degree and school qualification background. It is also a good idea to look at the national curriculum for your subject before you apply.

Entry requirements

To apply for teacher training the Department of Education specifies that you will need at least:

  • English Language and Mathematics GCSEs (or equivalent) with grade C or higher
  • Science GCSE (or equivalent) withgrade C or higher is also required for Primary programmes
  • a degree (must be in a relevant subject for Secondary level)
  • experience of working in a UK school environment prior to application.

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