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Research Student: Liza Isyqi Ramli

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Attitudes of Preschool Teachers Towards the Introduction of Inclusive Education In Malaysian Government Preschools

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The introduction of Inclusive Education (IE) will require high demands of preschool teachers to include children with special education needs (SEN). Some teachers have negative attitudes towards IE due to several reasons such as insufficient training and knowledge on SEN and IE. However, some studies demonstrate that the positive attitudes amongst teachers who are willing to accept children with SEN despite they do not know how to manage children with SEN. Therefore, this study will explore the attitudes of the preschool teachers towards IE by identifying the factors which influence their attitudes and to what extent these factors influence their attitudes. This is crucial as the preschools teachers’ attitude is one of the aspects that determine the success of IE. A mixed method design is employed to measure teachers’ attitudes towards IE through a survey and seek in depth understanding on what factors influence their attitudes towards the introduction of IE through semi-structured interviews. The implications of this study on the current practice of IE are to: i) contribute to the improvement of preschool pre-service teacher training programmes, ii) give extra support to the preschool teachers and iii) inform the policy makers to improve the implementation of IE in Malaysia. 


I am a lecturer in Institute of Teacher Education (ITE) in Malaysia. Previously I was teaching English in secondary schools for almost 10 years. After finishing my master degree in Preschool Education, I joined ITE and taught preschoolers for almost two years. After that I became a lecturer, teaching Childhood Studies, Preschool Education and Education Studies.

 I obtained my B.Ed (Hons) TESL from University of Exeter, UK and M.Ed in Preschool Education from National University of Malaysia.

As a lecturer in ITE, I often involved in curriculum revision specifically in Preschool Education. I also involved in setting up assignments and examination questions and rubrics including marking both for national and department level. I also involved in giving training to in-service teachers and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) during school holidays. I also involved teaching the twinning programmes with University of Malaya and University of Queensland, Australia. I also had the opportunity to train lecturers (TOT) from Afghanistan through MAEPA (Malaysia-Australia Education for Afghanistan) programme.

What motivated me to undertake PhD study?

I decided to do my PhD for my professional development. I want to learn something new and develop my skills. It is a challenge to myself as I have to move from my comfort zone and came here to study my PhD.

The support from my parents and mother in- law, my husband and families also motivated me to undertake PhD study.

I also would like to share my experience of my PhD journey to my students, what it takes to be a PhD student.

What makes me passionate about my subject?

I love being a teacher. Exploring teachers’ attitudes give me an opportunity to have some deeper understanding about what teachers beliefs and what teachers practice. It is so fascinating to know what is inside their mind, heart and observe them. I learned so many things since the beginning of my PhD journey: find research paradigm, formulate research questions, develop instruments, go to fieldwork, choose ways to analyse data and so on. All of the experience are so valuable yet time consuming.

What are my plans once I have completed my PhD?

I would love to continue doing research and teaching. I also would like to write articles and publish them in journals. As I love travelling, I hope to travel to other countries and present my work through conferences and build up networking especially with people in the same interest or area. I also hope to become more confident and believe in myself as well as to contribute something in academia.

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